Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Helplines : Emergency contact number (Bangalore)

Heavy rains have created havoc in bangalore since Sat (22-Oct-2005) , on 25-Oct it almost rained the entire day which had deep impact on traffic , most of the schools and offices were closed early and everyone were asked to leave and reach home soon, few areas like Housr road, HSR layout and marathally were flooded with water . Most places which were badly affected were the once which had lakes near by , these lakes started overflowing causing trouble to people, the KR Puram lake, Vurthur Lake were overflowing. State government has setup a commitee to help public. Following are few useful helplines.

Helplines for BMP (Bangalore Mahanagara Phalike) and BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity Company)

BMP Control Room : 2222-1188

BMP (South) : 26566362

BMP (West) : 23341692

BMP (East) : 22975803

Fire Services : 101

Traffic Police : 102

Police : 100

Ambulance : 103

Sanjeevini Ambulance and Emergency services : 1062

Power Supply Issues

Toll Free numbers : 12600 OR 1917

BESCOM landline : 22287118 OR 22287119

Cell : 9844244638

Please fell free to add other number which might help

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