Friday, February 24, 2006

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

GooglePages ,

Making Good use of AJAX and simple UI design Google launches GooglePages and enters the web design market.
All you need is a Google ID to start using Pages, just visit GooglePages and login with your Gmail ID and you can create a simple web page in few minutes. The pages created are hosted at By this Google enter the likes of Yahoo! Geocities and Lycos Tripod
Each user gets about 100MB of space. What next Google, Web Hosting ;)

I was not satisfied much, probably I expect more from Google, I expected a very different kind of UI and features for users than what they have given now.
I would like to see complete web design solutions at one place where a user gets a whole lot of features like,web pages,blog,photo album and more, by giving such features user will publish more content in a single place rather than adding web pages on one site, maintaining blog in another and uploading photos on other site.
I see that Google already owns most of such features why not integrate all these applications and offer a great package to user. It is up to the user what application he wishes to enable and start using them.
Being more ambitious probably advanced user be given a whole set of AJAX toolkit to create their own mini applications!!
I don't think I am asking fro more from Google :)

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Space Tourism

No I am not dreaming :)
The days are not far away when people would start spending their vacation away from Planet Earth.
Space Tourism is becoming more realistic , The company by name Space Adventures Ltd is making it happen

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

In a verge to improve and make more people use MSN Search, Microsoft has launched which allows users to Win grand prizes to do searches on MSN Search. Microsoft hopes that few to good feedback and also retain some users who might like their Search engine.
Good Luck MSN
Who's next to do this, Yahoo! Search ;)

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Microsoft OfficeLive BETA Released

Microsoft has launched the Beta version of it's OfficeLive product which is a direct competition to Yahoo! Small Business. As part of the release Microsoft is offering a Free account which will continue even after Beta which gives these benefits to user:
- Free Domain Name
- Tools to create and maintain website
- 5 email accounts
- Web traffic stats (I guess basic stats)
OfficeLive is to help any small or medium business to go on-line in a reliable,fast and easy way.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Search Engines for Articles and Journals

Great article on Search engines which are good at finding Articles and Journals

Links Give in the above article:

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OpenSource Shopping by ORACLE

Oracle buys another OpenSource database (after InnoBase) , this times it's Sleepycat which is strong in embedded dB market.

More Details here

There is also news about Oracle planning to buy JBoss another OpeSource middleware company

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Effects of Internet

Ever wondered how internet has influenced the life of millions of people, then check this on-line resource who study the social effects of the Internet on Americans, it gives in depth reports and analysis about how internet is used and how it effects people using internet.
The section Links has few hand picked links on topics like
Internet & Society
Internet Statistics
Technology News

The Latest Trends page also has some useful data like
Internet Usage
Internet Usage on a daily basis
And many more reports

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Get Country,City and other key information based on IP address

Did you ever feel a need to know more information or to trace an IP,like who owns it,from where this IP originated,which country,state etc. Even I had a similar requirement and I got a hand on this on-line utility
Just type and click on 'Locate IP' and see how much information you get.But there is a limit of max 25 requests per day, alternatively they offer a test account to over come the above limit.
Apart from this there are plenty of other free and OpenSource utilities
They also offer API (with limited features) in several languages
The product is also offered as web service
They seem to also offer CredirCard fraud API's and products


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Monday, February 06, 2006

Rollyo : Open Source Personalised Search engine

Yet another Search Engine, but the good part of this is it's Opensource.
Bets part of this search engine is it allows one to create personal search engines using the sources you trust and which are relevant. The concepts of simple one can roll their own personal search engine and ask the search engine to crawl and index only the list of sites which are provided by the user, this greatly allows the user to create vertical/topic specific specialized search engines,wow this is great.

GO try it :

Rollyo Home

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Search Engine for finding source code

Here is a search engine which indexes only source code of various languages and makes it simple for coders/developers to find source code.
It also allows users to save,add a note and share it with his friends.In order to try this search engine one must first Sign-up.

Try it


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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Keep a Tab on New Tech Start-ups

Check this great website to keep tab on raising Tech companies and start-ups

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Freee On-line Telephone Directory

To search for any BSNL number anywhere in india go here
BSNL : Check the section Directory Services

This site alos has an Emergency & Utility Services numbers , it has number for
- Heartline (For Cardiac Problems)
- Ambulance
- Blood Banks
- Emergency Oxygen Services
- 24 Hour Pharmacies
Police,Fire,Railways and many more importnat numbers

How to get the port a process is using on Windows

Port Reporter Tool from MS is the answer, this tool logs TCP and UDP activity
It gives which process is using a port and which user invoked the process.
More Information : Port Reporter

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Listen to Lectures of Stanford University for free

Thanks to Apple Inc and Stanford university to make the lecture available on-line for free,now missions of people who cannot afford or cound not get a chance to study on Stanford can now listen to the lectures, honest Thanks to Apple and Stanford

Stanford on iTunes

On-line mock exams for various Professional enterance exams

Found this website for Professional enterance exams for CAT,CET,GRE and other exams, there are good mock exams available on-line

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