Thursday, February 23, 2006

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Making Good use of AJAX and simple UI design Google launches GooglePages and enters the web design market.
All you need is a Google ID to start using Pages, just visit GooglePages and login with your Gmail ID and you can create a simple web page in few minutes. The pages created are hosted at By this Google enter the likes of Yahoo! Geocities and Lycos Tripod
Each user gets about 100MB of space. What next Google, Web Hosting ;)

I was not satisfied much, probably I expect more from Google, I expected a very different kind of UI and features for users than what they have given now.
I would like to see complete web design solutions at one place where a user gets a whole lot of features like,web pages,blog,photo album and more, by giving such features user will publish more content in a single place rather than adding web pages on one site, maintaining blog in another and uploading photos on other site.
I see that Google already owns most of such features why not integrate all these applications and offer a great package to user. It is up to the user what application he wishes to enable and start using them.
Being more ambitious probably advanced user be given a whole set of AJAX toolkit to create their own mini applications!!
I don't think I am asking fro more from Google :)

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