Thursday, March 23, 2006

ajaxWrite : Good but long way to go

ajaxWrite launched today , I was excited to see that MS word is directly supported to open/edit as well as to save, it also supportes an option to save as pdf and what more it's a web2.0 application which you can use from any where, any OS :)

So set out to try it myself and here is my feel and feedback.
I used Netscape 8.1 to try ajaxWrite

- Free :)
- Interface looks just like MS word

- It's easy to get started
- I qucikly created a simple doc and tried to use the feature I normally use in MS Word

- OS independent
- Can access from anywhere
- Loads faster and looks better than similar on-line office app

- The application took about 10 seconds to load (this can depend on my connection as well :)
- No Advanced Formatting options
- Few Options in Insert Menue (Link and Horizontal Rule) did not work for me :(
I would expect a message to user if the feature is not yet implemented
- Could not Save or Save As the Doc I created :(
I see this Java error ' Failed'
I feel this error is not good from a normal users prespective.
- Table Creation feature is also very weak, there is no flexinility and I could not figure out how to insert rows and columns :(

Overall I feel it's an excellent effort and it's sleek and easy to use, but lot of features available and requred for a Word processor are not yet available, I hope lot more features will be introduced.

Good luck :)

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