Friday, March 17, 2006

Is StreamLoad opening the gate for unlimited free storage

Get 25GB Storage Free !! Can you beleive this :)
StreamLoad is offering 25GB of on-line storage for free and it also allows to store audio and video files , now one can store podcasts and their favorite songs on-line and access them from anywhere :)
Looks like the on-line storage is increasingly becoming important and interesting space.Recently Amazon launched Simple Storage Service - S3 which gives has webservices API's to leverage storage.
Days are not too far when Yahoo!,MSN and Google will start offering storage with their existing products and also developer toolkits be not only build (which is already happening) but also host and store data on their own servers instead of users, this will open up more room for on-line ads growth, all these major are struggling due to the slow down of Ads revenue.

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