Monday, March 13, 2006

Oracle SQL Developer , FOR FREE!!

Oracle has launched 'Oracle SQL Developer' it's FREE GUI tool for executing,editing and debugging SQL & PL/SQL.
Oracle seems to catching up with Tech community by offering free products, this product is for sure challenge other database vendors and commercial companies who charge user for such tools (TOAD is one such tool which I can remember).MySQL Workbench is also one such tool for MySQL developers but it is still in BETA stage, I request the MySQL team to seed up on this.
This free GUI is supported from Oracle Database version and greater only.
One can download the tool and give it a try.
I think Oracle is doing a great job in this front , I was worried in the way they have been acquiring OpenSource companies. But by offering such products it does make sense in way that, they are sharing the benefit to end user.

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