Thursday, June 15, 2006

Search your Mobile content

Mobile search (local) was one of the mobile application which tops my list of mobile based applications. It is so funny that no mobile company like, Nokia, Sony Ericsson or for that matter, even the web search giant Google developed it or did not think of it ;)
Here comes a innovative start-up company mobease which has developed this cool mobile search application. Any one who has a Symbian Series 60 phone can download the beta version of this software and try it.

Major features:
- Finds Contacts, MP3s, images, videos & bookmarks.
It has a cool feature called 'predictive natural language search'
- Easy SMS access features
The mobilfindit blog has more details on the features and instructions to install and use the application.
This innovative company also has a cool punch line
"making mobile life easier"

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