Saturday, September 23, 2006

Remembering Ten (10) Years in IT, In India, In Bangalore

Few (in fact lot) of changes I have vitnessed in the 10 Yrs (1996 to 2006) I have been in IT :) , all this is from my prespective in Bangalore (India).
All are random thoughts.

From Intel 386 to Intel Pentium 4 (HT)
From Co-axil Cables and Connectors to Optical Cables/Networks and RJ-45 connectors
From 3.5" Floppy Drives to Blue-Ray Disk
From Windows 3.1 to Windows XP
From Windows for workgroup to Windows 2003 Server
From Individual Logins to Global Network Logins
From Novell Netware to Windows and Linux based Network OS
From Monochrome Computer Monitors to Flat TFT Monitors
From No Open Source in Corporates to Lot of OpenSource Ex:Apache,TWiki,Putty,SSH,FireFox to name a few
From Aluminium Cubes to Eco-Friendly Cubes
From No telephone at desks to DID's or VOIP Phones
From and to and
From Netscape 3 & IE 3 to IE6 and FireFox 1.5
From PINE to Outllok 2003 and Thundirbird
From Hotmail to Gmail
From Telnet to SSH
From 32MB RAM to 1GB RAM
From ??HDD to 30GB+
From to and
From Web Journals to Blogs
From Unix to Linux
From Indiainfo Cricket Alert Mails to or free live video cricket from Yahoo!
From on-line Mail Subscriptions for News etc to Realtime Feeds (RSS & Atom)
From News Papers to &
From Hardly any internet connection even in offices to 10 Per Hour High-Speed Internnet Cafes and Affordable Broadband connections
From Zee TV to Star & Sony TV
From AKAI or a Bush or a BPL TV to Sony,Panasonic,Samsun to LG TV
Infosys from a small building (in a building Opp to Bethani School in Koramangala) to WorldClass Campus in Electronic City & Mysore :)
Bulk Nokia and Motorola cell phones to Sleek High-end N-Serices or a BlackBerry
From HTML Meta Tags to Real User Tags
From Camera Film Rools to Digital Cameras :)
From 1.5/- Per Cup Chai/Kapi to 4/- Per Cup Chai/Kapi

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